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Who We Are

When passion for adventure, aviation and wildlife enthusiasm
meet, you get a friendly, professional and top-notch qualified
helicopter service – Wild Skies Aviation.

We specialize in a vast variety of helicopter services: from
entertainment and special occasions, to specialized
surveillance and wildlife protection and conservation. Heavy
lifting even firefighting and longline work.

You can fly with us, whether you are just going on a journey or
whether you are on call- we will get you there quickly, and

The wide scope of our services show that we are experts in
terms of our flying skills and helicopter safety. We are, however, also wild at heart (that’s why we love flying so much!), so you are guaranteed to have a good time with us, from take-off to landing.

We are the ones you call in case you need a helicopter for
animal protection, game farm control, land study, leisure
purposes, firefighting, longline work or any other heavy lifting to be done.

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